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Your favorite evil wolf
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My it and it's good hate it,leave a nasty comment and wait for me to get my chainsaw :> nah...but dun be a prick.


Uber awesome stuff from uber awesome people :>


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope that you are having a jolly good time and all of that and hope that you got lots of nice presents and that you all are happy :)
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Reading: The walking Dead comics.


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Balan Daniel Stefan

It's friends time!:iconmoriko2maki::iconcheetour::iconmegajewel16::iconsodiepawp::iconnetko09::iconblack--vampire::iconcreative-monster::iconrobbothefox::iconyuki-kazuki::iconevaevemillan::icongamagt::iconpardonmyfrench::iconninjahaku21: and the rest of you know who you are so dun complain,you're my friends too ^^


Name: Balan Daniel Stefan. (nobody calls me Daniel)

Okay now...things about me :/ I was born on 12:2:1996 at 23:30 and had like...2.5 kilograms (skinny ass kid XD) and almost died at birth because I couldn't breath and...yeah.
Was born in a city called Timisoara,Romania and plans on moving FAR away from this place :/ yeah,it's a nice country and all but I don't wanna stay here AND I wanna live with my someone special ;) you know who you are~
Favorite food: Hmmm...well I'm not gonna pick any junk food or anything like that so I'm gonna go with spaghetti 'cause it's good and healthy so eat it mothafucka! >:C nah,you dun have to eat it XD but when I'm hungry I can even eat rocks :I
Personality: :/ what can I say,outgoing,brave I can say (people say I am :I ) hothead,won't take shit from nobody and when really pissed I can be a REALLY cruel 'demon' but I can be a friendly guy depends I guess.And your 'verbal grenades' won't affect me. Pick on my friends and family and do not expect any mercy...but expect a dude in front of your door asking you if you wanna give your organs for a better cause,because you won't need them.
AAAAND I can be very patient.
Music: Hmmm...well I listen to all kind of music but I'm more focused on Metal :horns: AND for the love of God! It's not the devil's music as some people say -_- music is music. It's better than your Justin Beaver or Bieber whatever because when I listen to his music I prefer to look at a stoma all day :iconverydisturbedplz: and don't google image search the word stoma if you don't know what it is.





:iconw1plz::iconw2plz::iconw3plz: :iconw4plz:





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hey man,long time no see
How's everything been going for you these days?
Things have been going okay,just very busy with school. What about you?
Things have been going alright,I'm on my days break from work,gonna draw a few characters for some artists when I'm done with my inbox (while watching MST3K at the same time)
That sounds good. What is MST3K ?
(1 Reply)
Hey Stefan :)
How've you been doing these days?
School work,taking extra English classes. You? 
waiting for Thanksgiving :)
What do you actually do on Thanksgiving? I never understood this holiday.
(1 Reply)
'Oi Stefan
How are things going lately?
Things are going fine,just busy with school.
What about you?
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